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Rustic Handmade Olive Wood Small Bowl



Introduce a touch of Mediterranean charm to your table with our Handmade Rustic Olive Wood Small Bowls for dips, salads, pasta, nuts and more! Crafted with precision and passion, this charming bowl embodies the warmth and character of olive wood, making every dining moment a special one.

Crafted from Nature's Palette Each small bowl is a unique masterpiece, painstakingly handcrafted from sustainably sourced olive wood. The exquisite grain patterns and warm, earthy tones of olive wood create a captivating canvas that reflects the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape.

Each bowl is one-of-a-kind and is a natural product reflecting the variations of the olive wood it came from. Some of the tops of the bowls are more sanded and softened depending on the cut of wood.

Versatile and Stylish This small bowl is perfect for serving a variety of snacks, condiments, and dips. Its rustic elegance adds a touch of natural beauty to your table, making it suitable for both everyday dining and special occasions. Elevate your culinary presentations with this versatile piece.

Rustic Beauty, Timeless Appeal The rustic charm of olive wood lends a warm and inviting ambiance to your dining experiences. Whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet meal at home, this bowl adds a touch of timeless elegance to any setting.

Gifts That Impress Looking for a thoughtful and unique gift? Our Handmade Rustic Olive Wood Small Food or Dip Bowl makes an excellent choice for food lovers, entertainers, and those who appreciate the beauty of natural wood. Give the gift of Mediterranean allure and make lasting memories.

Embrace the extraordinary. 


Product Details

Natural Handmade Wooden Small Bowl materials: Sustainably Sourced Olive Wood.

Dimensions: Appx 5.5 inches diameter.

Product Care

Simply use a soft rag or towel with mineral or olive oil to gently wipe it to keep its luster.

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